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 Telstra Store Albany 2016 Wavefest

Telstra Store Albany

Once again we lucked out with the weather and scored two primo days of waves, sunshine and offshore conditions! Maybe Heuy could bring the good conditions a day forward next year so we could finish it off properly with the after party but that might be getting a little picky.  Plenty of great waves and surfing went down over the two day to leave us with our 2016 Champions Lachy Ross (Open Men), Emi Campbell (Open Women), David Beeck (35 and over Men), Karina Mitchell (35 and over Women), Peter Campbell (45 and over Men), Adrian Shepherd (50 and over Men) and Peter Bolt (60 and over Men). It's never easy to claim these titles so it took some very handy surfing to come out on top - Lachy needed some 10s on his final score sheet to prevail and Emi had to use all her skills and experience to get two good scoring waves in the open women's final to hold off the charge from our new wave of budding junior girls. Competition was also fierce across the age groups and it was good to see the girls charging and taking it on in the over 35 women's division. Of course it's not all about finishing on top, so well done to everyone who took part because it's your participation that creates the good times and vibes. Here's to a bigger and better Wavefest next year!!!!

2016 Telstra Store Albany Wavefest PHotos2016 Wavefest Photos




Open Men
1. Lachy Ross
2. Paul Dupuy
3. Kirran Shepherd
4. Matt Stadler 
Open Women
1. Emi Campbell
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Holly Minter
4. Pemba Spargo
 35 and Over Men
1. David Beeck
2. Darryn Oostdam
3. Jason Oostdam
4. Matt Stadler
 35 and Over Women
1. Karina Mitchell
2. Kylie Outhwaite
3. Davynka Moss
4. Narelle Wakefield
45 and Over Men
1. Peter Campbell
2. Gary Connell
3. Paul Dupuy
4. Ian Minter
50 and Over Men
1. Adrian Shepherd
2. Craig Breuker
3. Gary Connell
4. Peter Bolt
60 and Over Men
1. Peter Bolt
2. Vic Josway

Best Wipe Out
Matt Stadler
Encouragement Award
Kylie Outhwaite
Judge's Award
Craig Breuker
Reece McLean Award

Reece McLean


2016 Junior Series - Round 2

2016 Junior Series 2 Gallery

Thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting what has been the largest Junior comp so far. Although it was a bit of a struggle finding a beach with waves that were small enough, we did manage to score some light winds and all-day sunshine which made for a very pleasent day on the beach  indeed. The floating biscuit was once again a big hit, the Indo board did plenty of work and there were probably groms who never made it out of the water all day. As mentioned the interest in the Junior Series is definitly growing with 36 entries, 23 heats and over 6.5hrs of surfing (including a couple of instances of creative scheduling). Big shout out to Finlay, Harper and Abbey who came along for the first time and had a crack at the Rookie and Push In divisions. On the competitive side we saw a lot of you smaller groms stepping it up and taking on some bigger conditions and I am betting there were a few sets of 'Dinner Plate' eyes when those clean up sets started rolling through! It's taken some time but the boys are now beginning to out-number the girls who are continuing to step things up everytime they hit the water. Competition was tight and there were plenty of very close heats and ties to split in both the girls and boys divisions (as you may have noticed with the delay getting the results out). The kitchen was cranking as usual, the judges were scoring, Kelly was tallying, marshalls where marshalling, the pushers were pushing in and everyone was pitching in to help out so a big thanks to you all. Stoked to have Kane and the jetski there just in case and cheers to Eban from First National supplying the hot beef rolls. We are also stoked to have some new sponsors coming on board to support the club so please support these businesses when you can because they are all putting in to support our kids and the club: TELSTRA, FIRST NATIONAL REAL ESTATE, MAD MARTIES, PRICELINE, RED DOG CARPENTRY, AIDOS BOARDROOM, ALBANY SURF AND SKATE, TECTONICS AND TOTALLY SPORTS AND SURF. 

Junior Series Round 2 Results:

Under 10 Girls
1. Lily Kuret
2. Sapphire Shepherd

Under 12 Girls
1. Talia Rechichi

Under 14 Girls
1. Summer Shepherd
2. Lily Minter
3. Jaz Breuker

Under 16 Girls
1. Sascha Roberts
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Holly Minter
4. Laura McEwan
5. Lily Shepherd
5. Bridget Mason

Under 21 Girls
1. Sascha Roberts
2. Holly Minter
3. Evie Dupuy
4. Lily Shepherd
5. Laura McEwan
5. Olivia Mason
7. Bridget Mason

Under 10 Boys
1. Tyce Shepherd
2. Otto Weadon

Under 12 Boys
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Lucas Ross
4. Jack Kuret

Under 14 Boys
1. Ewan Maisey
2. Connor Snyman-Mulder
3. Jacob Chrimes
4. Adam Rechichi
5. Griffin Spargo
5. Noah Amess
7. Keehan Snyman-Mulder
7. Flinders Amess
9. Jack Driffill
9. Malachi Stanton

Under 16 Boys
1, Keehan Snyman-Mulder
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Ewan Maisey
4. Connor Snyman-Mulder
5. Griffin Spargo
5. Jac Coe
7. Flinders Amess

Under 21 Boys
1. Jac Coe
2. Zachary Watkins-Ross
3. Bryn Roberts
4. Fraser Tompkin

DOWNLOAD PDF: Junior Series 2 Competition Format

Junior Series Points

Points for the first Junior Series Event have been posted on this site. Check the results section in the main menu above for the link.

State Junior Titles - Round 1

Pemba, Sascha and Evie heading out for under 16s finalFor those that missed the article in the Albany Advertiser, we had six club members have a go at taming the waves at Surfers Point in Margies for the first Junior State round of 2016. Margies is a tricky place to work out and Ewan and Laura did well cutting their teeth on  some main break nuggets but unfortunately they weren't able progress through the first round. By the smiles on their faces they were pretty stoked to be amongst it though. The waves eluded Holly in her u16s heat and she bowed out early as well. The exciting news was that Sascha, Evie and Pemba all had a solid crack in the u18 girls and all made the final of the under 16 GIrls division against some high quality opposition. It turned out to be one of the most competative finals of the event with the girls exchanging plenty of waves creating a see-sawing leaderboard. Margaret River's Jamaica Selby put her local knowledge to good use to take it out with only a hand full of points spreading the whole final. Congratulations girls on a great event - it's such a thrill to see you all progressing and condending amongst the state's heavy hitters. Great work you south coasters!!!!

2016 Boys & Mens Coaching Clinic

We had a small group of 8 boys for the boys coaching clinic weekend battling less than perfect conditions but I think all of them went home with some handy tips. We were lucky enough to have Neil Thompson down from Surfing WA to share his knowledge and give a small group of Groms some personalised pointers to continue to work on. Big effort from him to drive down very early from Perth to be at Parrys by 9 and then straight back on Sunday afternoon. We do appreciate all Neil's efforts to get down here to pass on his knowledge and make an impact on our Great Southern groms.. We had a mix of progressing surfers and beginners braving conditions and it was great to see some new faces (Sebastian and Findlay) getting in to it. These guys were pretty determined to work it out and if they keep on rolling with it they should be shralping in no time.  We did have JK go down pulling a stomach muscle so we hope you are up and about and back in to it soon buddy. A big thanks to Breuks who put in the hours coaching and in the water, John Rechichi for paddling a roung on safety duties and Marni and Michelle for supplying some well received cake and slices. TIme to put those tips to work groms and work a little harder on Huey to deliver some nicer conditions next year please.

Junior T-Shirt Design Comp

After being swamped with entries for this year's junior t-shirt design comp (well maybe not swamped), we have decided on a winner. Well done on your winning piece Adam Rechichi of a rugged up, lay-about scandinavian shredder. We might add a knarly wave to the shirt as well - just because we can. Shirts for this year's junior series will go to groms who compete in two or more of the series events. We will take orders for them at the next Junior Series Event so you can update your waredrobes for 2016.

Scando Surfer

2016 Junior Series Event 1

If you think back to the first Junior Series event  there were maybe 12 groms max, all huddled under a rainy gazebo after finishing in a few hours of surfing. Things have progessed a little with about 29 juniors getting into it today, I think at one point we might have had all 29 on the inflatable tube which was, on many accounts, more fun than surfing.

Welcome to our new juniors Fraser, Keehan, Connor and Malachi - good to have you on board. You Push In and Rookie chargers were smashing it out today as well. Campbell was spotted bombing it all the way in from out the back on 'Big Red' while everyone else was in a 'No Holding Back' kind of mood. Good on you Jack, Louis, Lily K, Campbell Sapphire, Tyce nad Otto.

There were some fierce battles in the competitive divisions and looking through the results there were some very close finals with 1-2 point spreads from 1st to 4th. There was a lot of great surfing going on so well done to all of you grommet  shredders. Thanks everyone for all your efforts, judges, setter upperers, safety officers, timers, flag crew, trailer drivers, tabulators, spotters, buzzer pushers, parents and support crews.

Once we work out series  points we will post them to the web site. Keep your eyes out for info on the Boys Clinic coming up in March, the next Junior Series will run at the start of April and I believe entries are out for the first of the Junior State rounds for those who want to mix it up with the other juniors around the WA - see the Surfing WA web site for this one.

Photo Gallery - Click to View:

2016 Junior Series Event 1 Gallery

Results for today as follows:

Under 10 Girls
1. Lily Kuret
2. Sapphire Shepherd

Under 12 Girls
1. Talia Rechichi

Under 14 Girls
1. Lily Minter
2. Summer Shepherd
3. Jaz Breuker

Under 16 Girls
1. Pemba Spargo
2. Holly Minter
3. Evie Dupuy
4. Sascha Roberts

Under 21 Girls
1. Evie Dupuy
2. Sascha Roberts
3. Holly Minter
4. Pemba Spargo

Under 12 Boys
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Malachi Stanton
4. Lucas Ross
5. Jack Kuret

Under 14 Boys
1. Ewan Maisey
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Keehan Snyman-Mulder
4. Noah Amess

Under 16 Boys
1. Flynn Breuker
2. Ewan Maisey
3. Jacob Chrimes
4. Jac Coe
5. Adam Rechichi

Under 21 Boys
1. Zachary Watkins-Ross
2. Bryn Roberts
3. Fraser Tonkin

2016 Junior Series

2016 Junior Series

There are a few changes to the Junior Series this year that you should know about. There will be four events, one in each season, spread out across 2016. Points will be awarded for competitive divisions in each event and allocated as per the point system used by Surfing WA for the Junior State rounds. Your points from your best three events (so you can miss one or drop your worst result) will be added at the end of the series to  crown our series winners and junior club champions. Unlike last year there will be no Junior Wavefest as such and points for all events will be equal. Once again we will be running the ever popular non-competitive Push In and Rookie divisions for those that want to come down and be apart of the action without having scores attached to your surfing. In these divisions it's all about having fun, getting a few pointers, hanging out with your friends and having a go. Take note also of the age divisions this year because there are some changes. This year we will be running U10, U12, U14, U16 AND U21 divisions for the girls and boys. This will give you bigger juniors a chance to get involved and have a crack at a club championship title as well. Bring some cash as the canteen will be up and running and I am sure it won't disappoint as per usual.

Thanks to Telstra Store Albany for your ongoing support. And please support those who support our events.

National Junior Titles

10th Dec 2015

Congratulations to club members Evie, Pemba and Emi who recently made it over to North Straddie to compete in the National Junior Titles. The girls will come back with some mixed emotions, a whole bunch of learning experiences and knowledge about what it's like to compete against the top Australian juniors. Emi was looking for her second Aussie title but couldn't quite get there bowing out in the quarters in the under 18 girls. In the under 16 girls, Evie went out in the requals and didn't get a chance to put her best surfing on show which must have been frustrating for her and Pemba surfed well to make it to the semis in the under 14 girls. It's a great achievement to make the team and put yourselves into a position to compete for a National Title so you girls should be very proud of yourselves. The Albany Boardriders reckon you rock!

 Albany Board Riders First Ever QUIZ NIGHT!

Albany Board Riders took on their first ever fundraising Quiz Night on Saturday 21st November. Through ticket prices, games, a raffle and silent auction, we managed to raise an epic amount of $1615.70!

 We kicked off the night with 130 supporters fervent to answer questions about surfing, music, history, geology and general knowledge.  The night was a huge success with many good cheese platters and lots of LOLs.

The winning team scoring 102 points was œLUCKY NUMBER 7, Coming in second was team œBIG KAHOONAS (100.5 points) and third œSALTY DOGS (98 points) Well done to these three teams and all of the other participants.

Special mention to our kids table THE SHANIKUAS who managed to score 67.5 over the course of the evening.

 Wed like to send out a huge thank you to our sponsors for the awesome prizes and ongoing support, Spencer Park Variety Meats, Lawley Park Chiropractic, Elleker General Store, King River Store, Bayonet Head General Store, Lincolns Accounting, Alkaline Cafe, Dog Rock Vets, Priceline Pharmacy, Reeves on Campbell, Colab Construction, Trailblazers, Gary & Juliette Connell, Oyster Harbour Store, Bebe Bits, Mad Marteys, IGA York St, The Adult Shop, Albany Surf and Skate, BCF, Albany 4x4 & Hitchcock Panel Beaters, Little Grove Store, Emu point cafe, Battery World, Hacienda Pharmacy, Opposite Lock and Camping/kayaking/4x4, Aidos board room, Tyrepower, Ranbuild and Great Southern SUPs.

 A big thanks to everyone who got involved and came along to support their local board riders club.  It was a great night and we look forward to our next one.

 ABR have set about planning their next event, keep checking back to the website and social media pages for any updates.

 To register your interest in being a part of or sponsoring our next event, please contact Kelly at

Blast From The Past

Average conditions at Mutton Bird beach at the weekend were not the only things blowing away onlookers as Albanys finest surfers showed off their talent on an assortment of retro boards.

The 9th annual Retro Competition at Floodgates had more than 20 keen competitors surfing for honors of becoming the winning team. 

The teams were selected at random and consisted of local surfing legends and relative young guns, a deadly combination!

Surfing teams had a few moments to choose two boards from the retro collection for the team to compete with making the contest ever so testing.

Glenn Driffill hangs 5 Retro Comp

Glenn Driffill - Hangs five in the opening rounds, Picture: Kathleen Coe

All competitors were eager to try out some old school surfing moves and embrace the true history of surfing.

Flynn Breuker Retro Comp

Flynn Breuker  - Dominating some old school maneuvers

Evie Dupuy, Pemba Spargo, Bryn Roberts, Flynn Breuker and Griffin Spargo were the standout team for the competition and ended up taking home the win.

Well done to all the surfers, volunteers and organizers that took part in making the day so awesome.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our surfing quiz night next weekend for more fun times and good vibes!

City of Albany Artificial Surf Reef Feasibility Survey

The City of Albany has extended the closing date for the 'Artificial Surf Reef Feasibility Survey' but it is CLOSING SOON SO NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE YOUR SAY..

It's vitally imortant that you fill out this survey if you want the reef to happen as future approvals and funding will depend on it.

Don't wait, have your say NOW:

Artificial Surf Reef Feasibility Survey

A lot of boxes have been ticked so far and, as ongoing studies continue, it's exciting to think that some one day in the future we could have a consistant wave at our local. More information is available on the City of Albany website's Major Projects page.

2015 Girls Surf Camp

2015 Girls Camp Photos

Albany Surf and SkateSurfers travelled from far and wide to converge on Bremer Bay for this year's Girl's Surf camp. As usual, Bremer Bay delivered with plenty of waves and all of it's stunning natural beauty. Light glassy conditions Saturday morning served up some dreamy little runners for the beginner and intermediate groups while the more experienced girls got to work on turning their arms into noodles surfing all morning, through the lunch break and in to the afternoon. I am not sure if it was all natural surfing or coaching talent talent but the beginner group, in a sea of fluoro green rashies, where all nailing it. I don't think I have ever seen so many girls getting to their feet in the first session in my short history of attending this camp.

You always have to tough one of the days out on the weekend and the artic blast on Sunday made the patchy sunshine of Saturday feel like the tropics. I saw kids splashing warm milo all over their face because they couldn't keep their hands still enough for it to stay in it's cup. With a tremendous display of determination most ended up enduring through the secend session. There were a lot of little personal goals to achieve and a little bit of cool weather wasn't going to get in the way.

Monday delivered the exact opposite to Sunday. Warm sunny weather and a relaxed offshore to thaw the bones out. All fuelled up on Red Emperor and chips from the pressos the night before, the orange group decided to walk over the headland... and then back again. Not sure if it was a deliberate attempt to take warming up to the extreme or if the more sedate conditions at Blossoms proved to be a little more alluring.

As the day wore on and the last session ended everyone said their goodbyes, packed their cars and chalets, lingered if they could and locked anther girls camp away in their little book of experiences. On behalf of the Boardriders, it is always a pleasure to put this camp on for all you girls, the vibe in the water is wicked, it's great to see you all take it on and hopefully you enjoyed it and progressed in your surfing. Numbers were a bit lower this year but feedback so far has been that the experience didn't suffer. Spread the work and let's make next year's bigger and better.


3rd Junior State Round in Gero

Well done to all our local grommets and Juniors who should be proud of what they achieved throughout the three junior state round events this year.

Congrats to Pemba for clinching the state under 14 girls title - YEEWWW and well done to Emi, Lachy, Pemba and Evie for qualifying for the state team.

Junior titles Geraldton 2015 from Surfing Western Australia on Vimeo.

Music- Ta-ku - Make You Wanna
Film & Edit - Jono Laird


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