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2022 Memberships

Albany Boardriders Membership is $30.00 for individuals or $100.00 per family and you will need to be a member to participate in any ABR event. Complete the following online form to sign up and become a member of this great club!!

Wavefest 2022 announcement

2022 Wavefest


Announcement - 2022 ABR Wavefest will be held over two days across the dates of 4th, 5th and 6th June. Entries are now open and will close at 11pm, 29th May. The location of the Wavefest will be announced on the Friday before the event on this webpage and the Albany Boardrider's Facebook page.

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MiddsReef Media Event

Albany Artificial Reef Update

The Amazing Albany Surf Reef Needs You…….again…..still. (22nd January 2022)

At a meeting on the Tuesday the 1st of February 2022 (meeting starts at 6pm but be there at 5.45pm as the doors close at 6pm) the City of Albany Councillors will decide on whether to submit another application in the next round of the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) and if so, how much of the City budget they will commit to the project (the more the better of course….to sweeten the deal).

There are several new Councillors who may not be overly aware of the project or the extent of the community support for it.

We need a LARGE turnout of supporters at the meeting. Placards in hand if you like. We will have several speakers who will each have 4 mins to express their support of and positives about the REEF.

Everyone has the right to speak. If you  choose to be a speaker then a coordinated approach is preferred to make sure we cover as many aspects as possible and not have too much overlap.

If you want to speak at the meeting then please give me a call so we can discuss what focus you might address.

After the public submissions you can stay for the formal meeting to see the outcome of the vote or you will have an opportunity to leave.

Be there……spread the word.

Peter Bolt


About Albany Boardriders

The Albany Boardriders (ABR) is an incorporated community group focused on promoting surfing as a sport, lifestyle and for mental and physical health. The group was first established in 2007 and has had a membership base within Albany and surrounding areas inclusive of families and youth. ABR stage several events annually including local surfing competitions, surf development camps for girls and families and social events.

The ABR also promotes the sustainable and environmentally responsible use of the southern coastline to ensure the protection of coastal and community values. The ABR has taken a strong interest in the development of the proposed artificial surf reef at Middleton Beach for the benefits that it will bring to the community, environment and surfing as a sport and recreational activity.

#MiddsReef - We need everyone behind it!!