2018 Wavefest

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ABR Movie Night - BLUE - Open to Everyone

Dear Members, friends and interested people, 

Albany Boardriders are hosting a special screening of the film ‘Blue…the Film’Tuesday October 23, 6:15 at Orana Cinemas, Albany.

You can check out the trailer at https://bluethefilm.org/ 

After the viewing at the cinema we plan to host an information and Q&A session with some local expertise and organisations making up the panel. 

To reserve your tickets, please visit the Demand Film Event Page here: https://tickets.demand.film/event/5675 

Unlike a traditional movie showing, our on Demand Film screening requires that 50 more tickets be reserved in the next 70 days in order for the screening to occur.
We are going to need your help if we’re going to make this event happen! We would love to see you in the audience, and would really appreciate you helping us spread the word. Tell your other friends and have them join us for this special screening of Blue!

Thanks for all your support! 

BLUE - The Film


2018 Wavefest

Well that's a wrap for Wavefest number 21!!!!! What a great couple of days surfing we had and once again we were blessed with great conditions and weather. If we were to get a bit picky a little swell pulse in the men's open final would have been handy but it certainly didn't stop the cream rising to the top. Despite the tricky final Cale Swift managed to find plenty of waves to bag a second place debut appearance with past champ Lachy Ross making the most of what was on offer showing plenty of power and innovation to take out top honours from Cale, Aido and Owen. The open women's final turned out to be a very tightly contested fight with all four girls getting waves and off to a quick start. After battling to find the best of the conditions it was Holly Minter who overcame her rivals late in the heat to take the win despite consistant efforts from Pemba Spargo, Sascha Roberts and defending champion Emi Campbell. It was an exciting final with a very narrow spread in scores from 1st to 4th.

New faces and names on the heat draw always keeps things fresh so for those of you who experienced the Wavefest for the first time we hope you had a great weekend and we hope to see you back again. The event is a competition but it's more about coming together as a surfing community than trying to prove who is better than who (although it is handy to head home with some cash or a prize under your arm) so spread the word and help make next year's Wavefest bigger and better. Congratulations to our 2018 winners and thanks to everyone who entered and supported the event. Thanks again to all our sponsors and everyone who gives their valuable time to make it great and as mentioned, please support those local businesses and brands that make it all possible.

2018 Wavefest Gallery

2018 Wavefest Photo Gallery


Open Men
1. Lachy Ross
2. Cale Swift
3. Aido Shepherd
4. Owen Thomas

Open Women
1. Holly Minter
2. Pemba Spargo
3. Sascha Roberts
4. Emi Campbell
30 and Over Women
1. Karina Mitchell
2. Davynka Moss
3. Shannon Armstrong
4. Jessica Ngeh
35 and Over Men
1. Owen Thomas
2. Darryn Oostdam
3. David Beeck
4. Jeremy Kaaden
5. Damien Rathbone

45 and Over Men
1. Paul Dupuy
2. Reece McLean
3. Gary Connell
4. Mike Neunuebel
5. Damion Kuret

50 and Over Men
1. Aido Shepherd
2. Gary Connell
3. Peter Bolt
4. Mike Neunuebel





2018 Junior Wavefest


Under 10 Boys

1. Jethro Simmons
2. Storm Pietropaolo
3. Kalgan Simmons
4. Louis McLean

Under  12 Boys
1. Tyce Shepherd
2. Zepher Simmons

Under 14 Boys
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Jed Cummuskey
4. Lucas Ross

Under 16 Boys
1. Noah Madaffari
2. Noah Amess
3. Jacob Chrimes
4. Ewan Maisey

Under 18 Boys
1. Ewan Maisey
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Flynders Amess
4. Gianluca Gutierrez Contreras

Under 10 Girls
1. Maisie Mitchell

Under 12 Girls
1. Freya Mitchell
2. Sapphire Shepherd
3. Lily Kuret
4. Chloe Ross

Under 14 & 16 Girls

Under 18 Girls
1. Evie Dupuy
2. Holly Minter
3. Pemba Spargo
4. Sascha Roberts
5. Lily Shepherd

Campbell McLean
Chloe Ross
Freya Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell
Louis McLean
Maisie Mitchell

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Retro Comp 2018

Retro Comp 2018When: Fri 26th Jan 2018 (Australia Day)

Retro Video

Australia Day has produced primo conditions for this year's Retro Comp which was enjoyed by a small field of single and twin finners. We had it all, sunshine, perfect rolling lefts and rights all groomed with a warm offshore breeze - made to order for hanging five, drawing out soul-arching turns and dropping the odd switch foot (the red hot manoeuvre for milking extra points on the inside).

The day started off with club prez Peter Bolt sorting out the heat draw to form the four teams. As far as I know the only team to officially name theirselves were the Nose Picks. I'm guessing the other's were too busy working out which were the best boards were before the board draw got underway. The rules briefing was short because there aren't really a lot of rules - two one hour heats and one surfer in the water at a time from each team who tag teams their next team mate when they think they've had two half decent waves. The best two waves of each surfer in a team is added up to make the team's score. Luck fell the Blue Tubes way at the start - bagging the first board pick and prize board (Breuker's Star board - this thing is old, thick, yellow with a big old single fin but it's smooth as silk and deceptively manoeuvrable). Despite the board advantage for blue, Aido started impressively for the Mellow Yellows milking the style, length of ride and number of turns criteria to the max. - a performance even more impressive when you consider he was trying to keep his whole outfit from falling off at the same time rocking chopper sunnies, a mullet wig and a 30 year old wetsuit and Aussie flag shorts. The groms with all their new-age fan dangled high performance board experience actually took the retro style right up to their elder statesmen churning out some graceful turns with effortless flow and flair. Sasha Roberts set the standard with the highest score of the day and nailing it with her double whammie claim to double the highest scoring ride. This sent the Blue Tubes into a narrow lead at the break.

The Green Meanies came out fighting hard in the second round to take it up to the leaders with Bolty, John Luca, Lily and Summer Shepherd producing some very fine, consistent surfing across the whole team. The Nose Picks and Mellow Yellows worked hard to claw back their deficits but in the end to no avail. as the Blue Tubes narrowly held on to the lead by half a point over the Green Meanies at the final siren to claim the finest trophy in surfing.

If you haven't done a retro mark it down in your diary for next year as this possibly the best day on the calendar.

Big thanks to Retravision Albany for getting behind our event including all other major and minor sponsors. Your support is greatly appreciated.

1st. Blue Tubes* (Zavier Utber, Sasha Roberts, Darryn Oostdam, Ian Minter)
2nd. Green Meanies* (Lily Shepherd, Summer Sheherd, John Luca, Peter Bolt)
3th. Nose Picks (Holly Minter, Angus Spencer, Jeremy Spencer, Jack Driffell)
4rd. Mellow Yellows* (Lily Minter, Aido Shepherd, Jack Kuret, Bryn Roberts)

* team names completely made up for the artistic impact of this article - you could refer to them as the Blue, Green and Yellow teams if you wish ;)

2018 Girls Surf Camp

Sat 22nd Sept - Mon 24th Sept 2018
* Sept long weekend