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2016 Boys & Mens Coaching Clinic

We had a small group of 8 boys for the boys coaching clinic weekend battling less than perfect conditions but I think all of them went home with some handy tips. We were lucky enough to have Neil Thompson down from Surfing WA to share his knowledge and give a small group of Groms some personalised pointers to continue to work on. Big effort from him to drive down very early from Perth to be at Parrys by 9 and then straight back on Sunday afternoon. We do appreciate all Neil's efforts to get down here to pass on his knowledge and make an impact on our Great Southern groms.. We had a mix of progressing surfers and beginners braving conditions and it was great to see some new faces (Sebastian and Findlay) getting in to it. These guys were pretty determined to work it out and if they keep on rolling with it they should be shralping in no time.  We did have JK go down pulling a stomach muscle so we hope you are up and about and back in to it soon buddy. A big thanks to Breuks who put in the hours coaching and in the water, John Rechichi for paddling a roung on safety duties and Marni and Michelle for supplying some well received cake and slices. TIme to put those tips to work groms and work a little harder on Huey to deliver some nicer conditions next year please.