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2015 Boy's / Men's Surf Clinic

The starters in this year’s surf clinic were all greeted with some great conditions with the two days delivering offshore winds for the duration. The little groms and big groms were all getting into it with plenty of decent waves to work on new skills. When you look out and see these guys surfing you always see something new. It might be bit more kapow in a turn, someone trying to work out how to tuck into a tube or even to pop up or find a wall for the first time. Every little progression ends in a big smile, a little claim or a hoot. That stoke about doing something new is what it’s all about and there was plenty of that going around.

Numbers were down a bit this time around but this worked to every surfer’s advantage because they all got plenty of attention. A big shout out to Neil Thompson who did some time on the road to come down and help out. His efforts, experience and knowledge were very much appreciated. It was awesome to have Lachy ROss coaching as well. This guy has an amazing attitude and talent in spades and it’s wicked to have him there for the kids to look up to. Big thanks to Aido, Pud and Breuks who put in time to pass their knowledge on as well. Cheers to Michelle as well who delivered in the fruit and snack department as well and for supplying a few snaps to remember the weekend by.

To everyone who missed out - see ya next year!

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