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2016 Junior Series - Round 2

2016 Junior Series 2 Gallery

Thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting what has been the largest Junior comp so far. Although it was a bit of a struggle finding a beach with waves that were small enough, we did manage to score some light winds and all-day sunshine which made for a very pleasent day on the beach  indeed. The floating biscuit was once again a big hit, the Indo board did plenty of work and there were probably groms who never made it out of the water all day. As mentioned the interest in the Junior Series is definitly growing with 36 entries, 23 heats and over 6.5hrs of surfing (including a couple of instances of creative scheduling). Big shout out to Finlay, Harper and Abbey who came along for the first time and had a crack at the Rookie and Push In divisions. On the competitive side we saw a lot of you smaller groms stepping it up and taking on some bigger conditions and I am betting there were a few sets of 'Dinner Plate' eyes when those clean up sets started rolling through! It's taken some time but the boys are now beginning to out-number the girls who are continuing to step things up everytime they hit the water. Competition was tight and there were plenty of very close heats and ties to split in both the girls and boys divisions (as you may have noticed with the delay getting the results out). The kitchen was cranking as usual, the judges were scoring, Kelly was tallying, marshalls where marshalling, the pushers were pushing in and everyone was pitching in to help out so a big thanks to you all. Stoked to have Kane and the jetski there just in case and cheers to Eban from First National supplying the hot beef rolls. We are also stoked to have some new sponsors coming on board to support the club so please support these businesses when you can because they are all putting in to support our kids and the club: TELSTRA, FIRST NATIONAL REAL ESTATE, MAD MARTIES, PRICELINE, RED DOG CARPENTRY, AIDOS BOARDROOM, ALBANY SURF AND SKATE, TECTONICS AND TOTALLY SPORTS AND SURF. 

Junior Series Round 2 Results:

Under 10 Girls
1. Lily Kuret
2. Sapphire Shepherd

Under 12 Girls
1. Talia Rechichi

Under 14 Girls
1. Summer Shepherd
2. Lily Minter
3. Jaz Breuker

Under 16 Girls
1. Sascha Roberts
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Holly Minter
4. Laura McEwan
5. Lily Shepherd
5. Bridget Mason

Under 21 Girls
1. Sascha Roberts
2. Holly Minter
3. Evie Dupuy
4. Lily Shepherd
5. Laura McEwan
5. Olivia Mason
7. Bridget Mason

Under 10 Boys
1. Tyce Shepherd
2. Otto Weadon

Under 12 Boys
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Lucas Ross
4. Jack Kuret

Under 14 Boys
1. Ewan Maisey
2. Connor Snyman-Mulder
3. Jacob Chrimes
4. Adam Rechichi
5. Griffin Spargo
5. Noah Amess
7. Keehan Snyman-Mulder
7. Flinders Amess
9. Jack Driffill
9. Malachi Stanton

Under 16 Boys
1, Keehan Snyman-Mulder
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Ewan Maisey
4. Connor Snyman-Mulder
5. Griffin Spargo
5. Jac Coe
7. Flinders Amess

Under 21 Boys
1. Jac Coe
2. Zachary Watkins-Ross
3. Bryn Roberts
4. Fraser Tompkin

DOWNLOAD PDF: Junior Series 2 Competition Format