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Albany Boardriders Membership is $30.00 for individuals or $100.00 per family and you will need to be a member to participate in any ABR event. Complete the following online form to sign up and become a member of this great club!!

2016 Junior Series Points

The 2016 Junior Series points system works as follows:

  • Points are allocated in each event based on age division placings.
  • 1st: 2000pts, 2nd: 1720pts, 3rd: 1460pts, 4th: 1340pts, 5th/equal 5th: 1220pts, 6th:1166, 7th/equal 7th:1110, 8th: 1066, 9th/equal 9th:1000, 10th: 976pts. 11th 950pts, 12th 924pts, 13th/equal 13th 900pts
  • Series points will be the total of your best three  two* events (you can have one throw-away event).
  • Competitors with the highest adjusted series points total in each division at the end of the series will determine the 2016 series winners/club champions.

* Because the 3rd event didn't go ahead the best two of three of your placings will be counted with ties decided counting back to the third event.