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2015 Telstra Store Albany Junior Summer Series - Event 2

Telstra Store Albany

Round 2 of the Junior Summer Series had the potential to be a bit light on with numbers considering it ran on the back of the festive season. You'd think everyone would be away looking for their little bit of paradise, maybe a few sneaky waves and some time out. This wasn't the case however, as our juniors showed up in numbers, amped to hit the water and do their stuff. Once again it was great to see all our Rookies, Push In and younger divisions returning for the second event. It was also encouraging to see the Under 14 Boys division out-number the girls, thus ending their world domination of surfing on the south coast.

Luckily the swell had dropped overnight and we were met with clean conditions to start with as the Under 16 Girls paddled out to put on  fine display of surfing. The sweet mini left hand bank didn't stand much of a chance against the onslaught. This, mind you, was after some complaints from the junior peanut gallery that the chosen comp area wasn't up to scratch. Lesson learnt kids, grown ups always know best ;)

A few things stood out for me this event: amazing to see all those girls who put in so much time in the water really stepping it up; boys may possibly have out numbered the girls for once; great to see you little groms enjoying the rookie and push in divisions (some style and future champs in there maybe?); good to see the under 18s get a surf (two in some cases); and how lucky we are to have a great group of parents and crew to make it all happen.

Congrats to our winners and everyone who put in their best efforts. It's not all about winning though so remember: if you had fun you won. Special mention to Evie who I reckon surfed the wave of the day, showing no respect and shralping it to pieces just like her old man.

Personally, I am always grateful and impressed by the committee members and friends who don't have kids involved, who get down to the beach and help to give our young groms these great experiences. Cheers to you guys and gals.


Under 10 Boys

1. Lucas Ross
2. Otto Weadon

Under 14 Girls

1. Pemba Spargo
2. Holly Minter
3. Summer Shepherd

Under 12 Boys

1. Jack Driffill
2. Jack Kuret

Under 16 Girls

1. Pemba Spargo
2. Sascha Roberts
3. Evie Dupuy
4. Lily Shepherd

Under 14 Boys

1. Jacob Chrimes
2. Ewan Maisey
3. Adam Rechichi
4. Flynn Breuker

Under 18 Girls

1. Sascha Roberts
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Lily Shpeherd
4. Laura McEwan

Under 16 Boys

1. Ewan Maisey
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Jac Coe
4. Flynn Breuker
5. Griffin Spargo

Under 18 Boys

1. Jac Coe
2. Bryn Roberts