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2017 WA Country Builders Junior Wavefest (Bread to Shred)

The 2017 WA Country Builders Junior Wavefest was once again another great day out for all our club juniors. It was so good to see a whole new wave of shredding grommets coming on to the scene and I know there are some more out there knocking on the door. We definitly nailed the location at Ocean Beach because it was probably the only place on the whole south that didn't get a drop of rain between 7 and 3. All the groms made the best of the onshore conditions and it was definitly a test for the older Juniors trying to pick the right peaks that could give them their scores. Thanks and well done to everyone who turned up and took part - I am sure everyone who was there was stoked to feed off all the energy you guys bring to the beach. Congratulations also to our new Wavefest / Junior Champs (results for the competitive divisions listed below) who made the most of the onshore conditions to take home the glassware.
T-SHIRT ORDERS will go out this week and when they are through we'll announce it here and on Facebook and contact everyone to let you know how to get your hands on them!!!
There are plenty of thank yous for an event like this but I would would like to say how cool it was to see Adam rock up like a movie star. Adam was responsible for this years 'Bread to Shred' theme and illustration which looks wicked. Also thanks to Desiree for rescuing the photos for the day after the camera I was using got the better of me. The kitchen was awsome once again, thanks to the ABR team for making it all happen and thanks to all our supporting sponsers, without your contributions none of this would happen. Please get behind these businesses that are putting in to give our kids opportunities to develop and grow.

Bread to Shred


WA Country Builders  Hercules Secure Storage


Girls Under 10
1. Maisie Mitchell
Girls Under 12
1. Sapphire Shepherd
Girls Under 14
1. Lily Minter
2. Jaz Breuker
Girls Under 16
1. Holly Minter
2. Pemba Spargo
3. Summer Shepherd
Girls Under 21
1. Pemba Spargo
2. Holly Minter
3. Lily Shepherd
4. Laura McEwan
Boys Under 10
1. Tyce Shepherd
2. Storm Pietropaolo
3. Jethro Simmons
4. Louis McLean
5. Kalgan Simmons 
Boys Under 12
1. Zephyr Simmons
2. Lucas Ross
3. Campbell McLean 
Boys Under 14
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Jack Driffill
4. Max Tompkins
5. Jed Cummuskey 
Boys Under 16
1. Jacob Chrimes
2. Conner Snyman-Mulder
3. Keehan Snyman Mulder
4. Ewan Maisey 
Boys Under 21
1. Conner Snyman-Mulder
2. Ewan Maisey
3. Flynn Breuker
4. Keehan Snyman-Mulder