2024 WF Winners
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Albany Boardriders Membership is $30.00 for individuals or $100.00 per family and you will need to be a member to participate in any ABR event. Complete the following online form to sign up and become a member of this great club!!

Telstra Store Albany 2015 Open Wavefest

Telstra Store Albany

2015 Telstra Store Albany Wavefest


Open Men

1. Kirran Shepherd
2. Ben Rufus
3. Adrian Shepherd
4. David Beeck

Open Women

1. Emi Campbell
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Pemba Spargo
4. Lily Shepherd

35 and Over Men

1. Darryn Oostdam
2. Jason Oostdam
3. Ian Minter
4. Peter Campbell

45 and Over Men

1. Craig Breuker
2. Gary Connell
3. Reece McLean
4. Ian Minter

50 and Over Men

1. Adrian Shepherd
2. Brad McLean
3. Gary Connell
4. Victor Josway

Encouragement Awards: Narelle Wakefield, Holly Minter and Flynn Breuker
Best Wipeout: Mitch Connell
WA Country Builders Surfboard door pize winner: Sarah Shanahan
Reece McLean Award: Reece McLean (carry over title holder)