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Junior Series Event 4 (actually #3)

first national AlbanyThe Albany Boardriders 3rd Junior Series is a wrap and we hope that everyone enjoyed their day thawing out after a greulling winter. Congrats to our winners and new Junior Club Camps, you and all you other groms did well dealing with the smaller conditions. If you are interested in your placing / points for the Junior Series head over to the results section of this web site for all the details. 

Junior Series 4 Photos


Comp Schedule / Format


U10 Boys
1. Tyce Shepherd

U12 Boys
1. Noah Amess
2. Zen Shepherd
3. Jack Kuret
4. Hayden Moore
5. Lucas Ross

U14 Boys
1. Jacob Chrimes
2. Keehan Snyman-Mulder
3. Noah Amess
4. Connor Snyman-Mulder
5. Ewan Maisey
6. Adam Rechichi
7. Griffin Spargo
7. Max Tmpkins
8. Jack Driffill
8. Flynders Amess

U16 Boys
1. Keehan Snyman-Mulder
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Connor Snyman-Mulder
4. Jac Coe
5. Flynn Breuker
5. Ewan Maisey
7. Flynders Amess
7. Griffin Spargo

U21 Boys
1. Zachary Watkins-Ross
2. Jac Coe
3. Fraser Tompkin
4. Bryn Roberts

U10 Girls
1. Lily Kuret
2. Sapphire Shepherd

U12 Girls
1. Talia Rechichi

U14 Girls
1. Lily Minter
2. Summer SHepherd
3. Jaz Breuker

U16 Girls
1. Pemba Spargo
2. Holly Minter
3. Sascha Roberts
4. Bridget Mason
5. Laura McEwan

U21 Girls
1. Pemba Spargo
2. Sascha Roberts
3. Holly Minter
4. Olivia Mason
5. Lily Shepherd
5. Laura McEwan