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2015 Telstra Store Albany Junior Summer Series - Event 3

Telstra Store Albany

Ocean Beach certainly turned on the weather fot the third event of the Junior Series this time around. You really can't beat warm sunshine, beaming down through crystal clear water, on to a pair of friendly left and right banks that perform to an all day offshore. Throw in a bunch of groms who have been honing their skills over summer and you can't really go wrong.

Once again the rookies and the younger rippers where out in numbers. This division has been a real success this year and it's awsome to see our more experienced juniors getting invloved and passing on their encouragement to the new rookies. What really stood out in the competitive divisions was how much you groms are stepping it up across the board. Flynn was showing some great form throwing it up into the lip and showing the waves who was boss, Evie, Sascha and all the bigger girls were throwing plenty of heat and it's always good to see what Lachy brings to the table as well - thanks for your time judging and coaching on the day too. Zachary, Flynn, Adam and Griffin were throwing themelves amongst the traditional Ewan and Jacob rivaly - I have a feeling we might see some good battles between these guys in the future too. I saw Jacob break the world record for the most compact backhand grab rail, pig dog manouver in history as well. I am sure he could stuff himself into a 15cm tube. He wouldn't be alone in there either bacause Jack Driffell could fit into one of those frontside as well! All in all, an awsome day, great vibes, good competition and great food (nice work girls) - bring on the Junior Wavefest!!!.

Just one thing before I sign off - there was a little bit of confusion on late entries because we had accepted them in the past, but for the Junior Wavefest and beyond, we won't be accepting entries after the official close date and time. This allows us to  get our current membership list in to Surfing WA before hand, plan for the event properly and draw up the heats without having to juggle last minute changes on beach. Keep your eyes peeled for the Junior Wavefest entries which will be available online very soon.

ABR Junior Series 3 surfed @Ocean Beach today was a perfect day for the club and competitors. Great little waves for our groms to show their style and development. So impressed with how far they have come and what they have learnt over the summer break. Thanks to everyone that helped out over the day. Looking forward to the Junior Wavefest 14th-15th March. Make sure your entries are in early so you don't miss out." - ABR Prez.


Junior Series Event 3 Photos


Under 18 Boys

1. Lachy Ross
2. Jac Coe
3. Brynn Roberts

Under 18 Girls

1. Sascha Roberts
2. Evie Dupuy
3. Lily Shepherd
4. Olivia Mason

Under 16 Boys

1. Ewan Maisey
2. Flynn Breuker
3. Zachary Watkins/Ross
4. Jacob Chrimes

Under 16 Girls

1. Evie Dupuy
2. Pemba Spargo
3. Sascha Roberts
4. Lily Shepherd

Under 14 Boys

1. Ewan Maisey
2. Jacob Chrimes
3. Adam Rechichi
4. Griffen Spargo

Under 12 Mixed

1. Noah Amesz
2. Jack Driffill
3. Jack Kuret

Under 10 Mixed

1. Lucas Ross
2. Lily Kuret